Agree with your Accuracy and Commentary

by Martin Moon
(Brook Park, Ohio USA)

It is a well-known fact that, in particular, New York City does represent the new or present day "Babylon" (U.S.A.). And the "Statue of Liberty" on Liberty Island, surrounded by water, was, in fact, modeled by French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi from Ishtar all those years ago (how ironic).

From the political, cultural, religious, and moral unrest that exists in present-day America to the degree of obvious perversion and decadence, it is quite accurate to say that America is, to a "T", "Modern Day Babylon".

I am 61 and also believe in the "Rapture". I keep stating to people today that I live in a country that I don't recognize anymore or fit into, and wish that God would remove me. But, his will be done, not mine. I was raised a "Roman Catholic", believe in the Bible and its teachings, the Trinity, and life ever after. I believe I was born and put here to serve God in any way he directs me - not to understand why I am here - but simply to serve God.

That being said, everything that is happening in America would indicate that the "Rapture" could literally occur at any given moment based on the existing facts, although it is also noted that we will not know the day or hour, only that there will be a horn blown by an angel to announce the event of Jesus beckoning us, the living and the dead, to meet him in the heavens. "No one comes to the Father but through the Son." And the "Holy Spirit" lives in each of us, to prepare us (believers) for what is to come. But, the Rapture is to precede the 7 years of tribulation. Based on everything stated here, I am to assume then that the "Rapture" has already occurred by way of natural catastrophes, which itself, I believe, is a sign/signs of the 4 horsemen spreading their wrath. Or is this to only occur during the tribulation period? (Am I confusing my chronology?)

Most folks view me as some kind of nut job. But, I don't care; I try to serve God not man. I believe those who reject the truth are already lost and don't know it, or live in denial.

Thank you, for your enlightenment.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Martin, I'm thankful for your commentary and observation that I am correct in identifying the U.S.A. as modern, prophesied Babylon the Great. Yes, you are confused about the end-times timeline. The "Rapture" has certainly not already occurred, and it will not occur before the "Great Tribulation". Certain events, like the revealing of the anti-messiah ("Antichrist"), must occur first. The Rapture will occur on the Day of the Messiah's return at the end of the Final Seven Years. Please read When is the Rapture? for details. I suspect that your Roman Catholic background has confused you about the end-times events.

Nevertheless, I hear your heart saying that you love the Lord, are seeking to do His will and not your own, and are exhorting others to do the same. So, in spite of your confusion about some of these things, if you will keep seeking Yehovah ("God") and His will, studying His Word, and encouraging others to do the same, He will take care of you and lead you Home in the end.

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Common English translations of Hebrew and Messianic terms used in this commentary:

Yehovah - the LORD or GOD
Yah - I Am (the short form         of Yehovah)
Elohim - God
El - God (the short form of         Elohim)
Adonai - my Lord or Master
Yeshua - Jesus
Followers of Yeshua - 
Messiah - Christ
Assembly of Followers of
     Yeshua - the Church
Antimessiah - Antichrist
BBM - Before the Birth of
     the Messiah (rather than
     BC or BCE)
ABM - After the Birth of the      Messiah (rather than AD
    or CE)

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