America is not the new Babylon

This should be very simple. The Babylon of the old saints was an enemy of Israel. Not once did Israel side with Babylon in Babylon's wars except as slaves. Just read the Good Book. America happens to have an alliance with Israel and has had since 1948. If you are looking for a modern day Babylon, search elsewhere and make no statements until you research the issue in depth. Thank God you have read thes and Rev which is full of warnings of what we need to do to go in the rapture.

Reply from Watchman Bob: No, it's not quite that simple. Although America has, on the surface, pretended to be pro-Israel, behind the scenes, the nation has been anti-Semitic and has undermined the State of Israel. When a shipload of Jewish refugees fled to America in WW2, the ship was turned away, returned to Europe, and the Jews perished in the Holocaust. George Prescott Bush, the father of President George H. Bush, supported the Nazis. President Barack Obama told Israel "I have your back," but he then supported Iran and other Islamic nations against Israel. President Trump pretends to support Israel, but is pressuring Israel to give in to the Palestinians and divide the nation of Israel. In the end, America-Babylon, like every other nation that treacherously undermines the security of Israel will be destroyed.

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