The Verse-by-Verse Commentary on Revelation


This commentary on Revelation will prove, contrary to what most people think, that the Revelation, the last book of the Bible, is not difficult to understand if we will take a simple, face-value, common-sense approach to interpreting it.  It is only when we start to over-allegorize it or to force its interpretation according to our pre-conceived ideas or doctrines about the “end of the age” and the world to come that it gets indecipherable.

The Bible is Yehovah’s ("the LORD's") inspired, written Word.  We are not going to get into the many arguments and evidences for the inspiration of the  Bible. That fact is assumed in this commentary. Anyone who reads the Bible with an open mind and heart, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, will know that it is no mere human composition.  There have been errors in human translation and transmission of the Bible, but nothing that affects the basic Bible doctrines which include:  there is one, true God whose name is Yehovah who created and sustains the universe and everything in it; Yehovah’s creation is doomed for destruction; and the only way to be saved from that destruction and to live forever in union with Yehovah is through a personal, spiritual relationship with Elohim ("God") incarnate, Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.  Also, it is assumed that there are no errors in translation and transmission of Scripture that cannot be resolved through diligent prayer and study because, as Yeshua said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away" (Matthew 24:35).

It is clear that Yehovah intends for His written Word to be understood by the average person. For many centuries, it was kept from the general public by church clergy who communicated the Scripture only in languages (e.g., Latin) which were unfamiliar to the masses.  Today, there are still many ministers and Bible teachers who pretend to be the ultimate authorities on Bible interpretation and application; they do not encourage their followers or students to get into the Word for themselves, prayerfully trusting Yehovah to reveal its meaning to them.  However, Yehovah says, through the apostle Paul, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to [Yehovah], a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing [interpreting and applying] the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).  It is kind of hard to see how we can correctly interpret Scripture unless we study it for ourselves, is it not? As was mentioned before, the Believers in Berea were commended - considered more “noble” than other congregations - because they studied the Bible to see if what Paul taught them was accurate (Acts 17:11). 

Also, as was mentioned before, there are many approaches to Bible interpretation, particularly prophetic Scripture.  This has resulted in much confusion in the understanding of Scripture. But “[Yehovah] is not the author of confusion” (1Corinthians 14:33). So, this commentary takes a literal, face-value, common-sense approach. There are many symbolic images in Bible prophecy, but it is clear from the context of each which is to be taken as literal and which as symbolic. And every symbol can be understood if we will simply compare Scripture with Scripture, allowing the Bible to be its own interpreter.

Finally, the apostle Peter wrote, “. . . no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation” (2 Peter 1:20). That means that no individual can claim exclusive discernment of the correct interpretation of any Bible passage, term, or image because every correct interpretation must be revealed by the Holy Spirit (cf. 2 Peter 1:21). So, the writer of this commentary certainly does not claim to know the correct meaning of every word of the Bible, specifically the Revelation. Therefore, he will endeavor, by the Grace of Yehovah, to be honest in his comments - noting areas of uncertainty when there are those and possible alternative understandings when there are those. Then, the reader is encouraged to dig into the Word, like the Bereans, asking Yehovah to reveal its true meaning. And, with enough diligence and patience, waiting on Yehovah, that meaning will be revealed, because Yeshua ("Jesus") promised those who have real faith, “Seek and you shall find” (Matthew 7:7), and, “. . . when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth” (John 16:13).

One last word: This commentary is not the text of a debate. Much study and contemplation of various insights, interpretations, definitions, descriptions, and commentary of others has gone into it; but, except for some possible alternative interpretations when in doubt, only what the writer believes Yehovah has shown him, personally, will be presented. And although he has had no seminary training - does not even know the original languages (mainly Hebrew and Greek) - the writer believes that, after years of prayerful, diligent study, looking up the meanings of various terms in Bible dictionaries and lexicons (which any literate person can do), Father Yehovah, in His wonderful grace, has given him a clear understanding of the Revelation of the Messiah Yeshua and related Scriptures. So, more than anything, it is the commentator’s prayer that all you “average” lovers of the Truth will take heart in the confidence that you can understand Yehovah’s prophetic Word, understand the critical End Times in which we live in the light of that Truth, and know what our Heavenly Father wants us to do about it, before it is too late - which is the main purpose of the Revelation of the Lord (1:1, 3).

A Brief Background

In the Beginning, God (Hebrew: 'Elohiym - a title of the triune, omnipotent Creator) created the universe (the “heavens and the earth”) and all that is in it, including human beings created in Yehovah’s own image (Genesis 1:1-27). And He gave man the power to reproduce others in Yehovah’s image and to have dominion over the earth - to rule over it and take care of it (Genesis 1:28).

But there was a period of probation in a specific part of the earth - the Garden of Eden.  In the Garden, Adam and Eve, the first humans, were given a choice: eat of the Tree of Life and live forever, or eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and die (Genesis 2:9, 17). No doubt, if they had chosen to eat of the Tree of Life, Adam and Eve would have fulfilled Yehovah’s original plan for them and lived forever, reigning over the earth in perfect unity with Elohim ("God") the Son (Yeshua), by whom all things were created (Hebrews 1:2). But, the brightest angel, Lucifer, who aspired to supplant Yehovah (Isaiah 14:13), was also in the Garden in the form of a serpent. And he appealed to Adam and Eve through something beautiful (“the lust of the eyes”) and that tasted good (“the lust of the flesh”) and through telling them, “You shall be like Elohim” (“the pride of life”), to rebel against Elohim and do what He had told them not to do (Genesis 3:1-6; 1 John 2:16). And they fell for it.

And through their sin, Adam and Eve allowed Satan to get a foothold in Elohim’s creation and to usurp their (and through them, Yeshua's) dominion over the earth. And it has been downhill since that time, both for Elohim’s natural creation and for man, because it is the basic nature of Satan to kill, not to give life, and to destroy, not to create or maintain Elohim’s creation (John 10:10).

But Yehovah has a plan for taking Earth back, placing it under the direct dominion of Elohim the Son, Yeshua (the second, life-giving Adam - 1 Corinthians 15:45)! At the present time, Yehovah is preparing a special, chosen people, beginning with a remnant of the nation of Israel and including Followers of Yeshua, to rule with the Messiah Yeshua over the new, restored earth (Revelation 2:27). Then, during the last seven years of the dominion of Satan over Earth, Yehovah will set the adversary up to make a spectacle of him by allowing his incarnation, the “beast” (Antimessiah), to think that he truly is Lord of the World (cf. Revelation 13:5-7). But then, Elohim will totally destroy the beast’s global dominion. Finally, in the greatest showdown in world history, the Adonai Yeshua ("the Lord Jesus") will return with the armies of Heaven to totally defeat the false messiah (Antimessiah) and his armies. He will then restore the earth to its original Edenic state and rule over it with His Redeemed Ones for 1,000 years (the millennial Kingdom of Elohim). 

After that, the heavens and the earth will be destroyed, Final Judgment of all those who have followed Satan in rebellion against Yehovah throughout history will occur, they will be cast into the “Lake of Fire” along with Satan and his spirit-being followers, and eternity in perfect unity in the Spirit with Elohim the Father and Elohim the Son (Yeshua) will begin for the Redeemed of Yehovah (cf. John 17:21).

And that is what the Revelation is all about - the “Final Seven Years” of world history, as we have known it all our lives, and the events to follow. And it truly is a magnificent story - far greater than any movie ever made or science fiction story ever written. And it is all the more fantastic because it is absolutely true! Please keep reading to learn all the infuriating (for most), terrifying (for some), but thrilling and joyful (for the few who are open and respond to the Truth in faith) details of the Revelation of Yeshua the Messiah.

The verse-by-verse commentary on each chapter of Revelation is on a separate page of this website. Just click the link to the commentary of a chapter that you want to read:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Revelation of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)

Chapter 2: Letters to the Assemblies at Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, and Thyatira

Chapter 3: Letters to the Assemblies at Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea

Chapter 4: The Throne Room of Yehovah in Heaven

Chapter 5:  The Lamb Who is Worthy to Open the Scroll

Chapter 6: The "Beginnings of Sorrows" - The Events of the First Six Seals

Chapter 7: God’s Provision for the Redeemed of Israel and the Community of Believers in Yeshua During the Final Seven Years

Chapter 8: The Events of the First Four Trumpet Judgments 

Chapter 9: The Events of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpet Judgments

Chapter 10: The Mighty Angel, the Little Book, and the Seven Thunders

Chapter 11: Measuring the Temple, the Two Witnesses, and Blowing the Seventh Trumpet

Chapter 12: The Wrath of Satan (the Great Tribulation) as He Persecutes Yehovah's People Israel and Her Children throughout History

Chapter 13: Satan persecutes the Body of Believers in Yeshua through Antimessiah and the False Prophet.

Chapter 14: The Gospel According to Revelation

Chapter 15: Precursors to the Events of the Seven Bowls of Elohim's ("God's") Wrath

Chapter 16: The Bowls of Wrath - the Last Plagues of the Judgments of Elohim ("God") on the Earth Dwellers

Chapter 17: The Identity and Destiny of Spiritual, Religious, Mystery Babylon

Chapter 18: The Identity and Destiny of Material, Secular Babylon the Great

Chapter 19: The Real "Armageddon" Prophecy - The Ultimate Celebration In Heaven; the Marriage of the Lamb; the Defeat and Destruction of the Messiah’s Enemies

Chapter 20: The Binding of Satan; the Millennial Kingdom of Elohim on Earth; the Final Judgment

Chapter 21: New Jerusalem Descends to The New Heaven and New Earth

Chapter 22: More Details about Life in New Jerusalem; the Conclusion of Yehovah’s Endtime Prophetic Word

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Common English translations of Hebrew and Messianic terms used in this commentary:

Yehovah - the LORD or GOD
Yah - I Am (the short form         of Yehovah)
Elohim - God
El - God (the short form of         Elohim)
Adonai - my Lord or Master
Yeshua - Jesus
Followers of Yeshua - 
Messiah - Christ
Assembly of Followers of
     Yeshua - the Church
Antimessiah - Antichrist
BBM - Before the Birth of
     the Messiah (rather than
     BC or BCE)
ABM - After the Birth of the      Messiah (rather than AD
    or CE)

For a complete explanation of Hebrew terms used, go to Important Terms and Concepts.

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