Destroyed in one hour by fire

by Cathy

I believe as you concerning America being Mystery Babylon and have for years. But as for God destroying her by Comets as RA Coombes believed, I understand that the 10 horns who "hate the whore" and will eat her flesh and burn her with fire are 10 Islamic nations who have power with the "beast for one hour" Rev. 17:16. Also Revelation 9:14 states that the angels bound in the Euphrates are loosed which were prepared for AN HOUR, and a day and a month and a year to slay the third part of men. Where are the Islamic nations? In the area around the Euphrates...

Reply from Watchman Bob

Cathy, your commentary is appreciated, but do you have any other support (scientific, historical or Scriptural) for your interpretation other than Revelation 17:16 and the location of the Islamic nations being in the area of the Euphrates River? As RA Coombes has pointed out in America the Babylon, Revelation 17:16 is mistranslated in virtually all versions of the Bible. The verb translated "destroy" is in the passive voice and applies to the action of the fire, not the ten kings. Also, the preposition translated "with" can be translated "by." In other words, the ten kings hate the whore, but she is destroyed "by fire," not by the ten kings. Verse 17 makes it clear that it is ultimately the will of the Lord to destroy Babylon, not the ten kings. Apparently, getting Babylon out of the way is necessary before the ten kings can give their kingdom to the Antimessiah.

There is an abundance of scientific and Scriptural evidence that the Lord has used comets or comet fragments in the past to execute His judgments (as in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, to which the destruction of modern Babylon is compared in Scripture - Jeremiah 49:18; 50:40), which is clearly explained in scientist Jeffrey Goodman's book The Comets of God.

Plus, you have a big problem explaining how ten Muslim nations are going overcome America's great military might to totally annihilate America Babylon in one hour or in any length of time (or dry up the Euphrates River). As Goodman explains, hundreds or even thousands of nuclear bombs exploding in the U.S.A. or in the Euphrates River would not do that. But a large comet exploding in the atmosphere above the U.S.A. could quickly annihilate "by fire" all life in her or four comet fragments impacting the Euphrates could dry it up.

But, again, I'm thankful for your submission. It is at least food for thought and discussion. And if you have any more Scriptural or other evidence to support your theory, I would be glad to consider posting it here.

On the other hand, I think you are on the right track in believing that there will be a massive attack on America, from within, by Muslims, which will precede her annihilation by fire. That seems to be clearly indicated by Bible prophecy, as I have suggested on this "Who is Modern Babylon?" page. For more details about how and when that might happen, please read the quasi-fictional "The Final Seven Years" scenario.

Yours in the love of the Truth,
Watchman Bob

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Sep 14, 2016
Black Skies, Consumed by Fire
by: Andrew F

Just a thought, but the incessant fracking all the way up to Yellowstone through Colorado, Texas and up to the North East causing numerous and frequent earthquakes (see youtube.dutchsinse and Google Earth for more info)...

Should the greedy selfish Babylonians actually fracture the whole continent and HELP cause Yellowstone to erupt, I'm pretty sure the fires in the North would make the skies very black if they lit up that much escaping shale gas and do a LOT of damage across the whole continent. Even making the skies black (look at Kuwait a few years ago). They are clearly going to contribute to their own destruction "Because thou hast destroyed thy land" (Isa 14:20)

Yeshua Ha Maschiach is returning very soon. Get right with the One and Only True God Yehovah NOW! :-)

Nov 21, 2014
Ten Kings
by: Barry

Hello Bob,

Can you please name for me the Ten European Union Nations who's alliance is with the Beast (Papal Rome Antichrist)? The Ten Kings, Revelations 13:1,17:12

God Bless You in Christ,


Reply from Watchman Bob:

No, Barry, I cannot name the ten EU nations because I do not believe the ten "kings" who rule under the beast (Rev. 17:12) represent ten nations. The beast's (anti-messiah's) kingdom will be global, not limited to the EU, the Middle East or any other area of the earth (cf. Rev 13:3; 17:15). And the ten "kings" will probably be either fallen angels, like the prince of Persia and the prince of Greece (Daniel 10:20) - spirit beings ruling over large areas of the earth - or Nephilim ("Giants") (Gen 6:4).

May 14, 2014
Nuclear Fire
by: Anonymous

I believe it is also said that Babylon will be destroyed from the north, Russia is north(over the pole from the US), and they have both the ability and the willingness to do so. I wouldn't put anything past Putin. God has used comets and volcanoes, but I think for the whole of the US to be utterly destroyed in one hour would require a massive nuke strike by Russia or China or both. A comet large enough to destroy the US utterly, would move the earth.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Scientist Jeffrey Goodman, who wrote The Comets of God, has pointed out that it would take thousands of nuclear blasts spread evenly across the U.S.A. to produce the total destruction of America-Babylon that is predicted in Revelation 17 and 18. But just one comet fragment two miles in diameter exploding high in the atmosphere above the U.S. will annihilate all natural life in the nation without impacting and moving the earth.

For more details about the Lord Yahuah being the One who will destroy Babylon the Great by fire, read the commentary on Revelation 17:16-18.

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