by K. Loken
(Minnesota, USA)

Focusing on the "end time" is futile if you aren't practicing the things God, Christ taught.

Everyone is so afraid of the end that they don't put much effort into the present.

Give to the poor, serve widows and orphans and stop worrying about whether you will see the end coming.

If you do these things you don't need to fear "the end".

Whether the end time comes while we are living or later generations, the end for each of us is usually going to come about within a 100 year period. Make the most of it.

Reply from Watchman Bob:

Your doctrine is spiritual suicide. Where does the Word state that we are saved by focusing on this deteriorating world, our own efforts, good works, and "making the most of it"? Please read Ephesians 2:8-9 carefully.

Why do you think the Revelation of the Lord and other end-times prophecy was given to us - just for interesting reading or entertainment, or to prepare us for the terrible times soon to come? Please read Matthew 24:21, 42-51.

Repent of your arrogant, worldly focus and start warning everyone you care about to "come out of her" (modern Babylon/the world), before it is too late. (Revelation 18:4)

Comments for END TIME

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Nov 23, 2016
Hope to help you
by: Anonymous

Watchman Bob: Very good warning. The USA is Babylon, short time left, escape.
I posted this before election. Hope you see a value.

Posted 10/26/16

Raymond here

My input again for what it is worth.

Fellow believers in the Good Lord, God, wake up! Stop all the political ranting and moral bickering about Mr. Trump. You are right. God seems to have designated Donald Trump to be the end times, world changer. Nothing you can do will change the outcome of God’s plan or prophecy if Trump is designated to be the President of all Presidents by God.

Mr. Trump cannot win the election (the game) at this point. It is Impossible! But don’t bet against God’s designated hitter changing the game.

National pollster’s state that Donald Trump is behind on every issue in every important state. No one has ever come back from this far down. The two most important days in your life will be the day Donald Trump takes power, and the day you find out why.

Can God be describing someone other than Trump in scripture, to do His bidding? Not likely, because of establish dates.

Is Trump in scripture?

According to scripture neither Mr. Trump nor President Obama are the anti-christ, little horn, or an abomination. However, they are both found in scripture. Nothing bad is directly stated about Mr. Obama or even Mr. Trump, except that he will prosper.

But your readers have found descriptions of Mr. Trump: boastful, prosperous, not respecting women, (as a man should), speaking great things of him-self, worshiping power-as his god, and the list goes on and on. These seem to be too-many accurate isolated descriptions of Mr. Trump at this designated time in history, to not be him.

Yes this seems to be Donald Trump in scripture; no one has seen any major leader that speaks boastful words of greatness like him, since over 70 years ago. And yes, against all odds it seems he will become a world ruler in 2017 due to completely bazaar events (not by his own ability according to scripture), if he is this man from scripture.

Your readers are right to suspect him as a prosperous and harsh leader known as The King of Babylon and The King of Tyre, but 666 appears to be another man after the dreadful destruction of America is complete, and not by Trump.

It seems that Trump cannot be the antichrist, as people believe. In a minute I will give one of the scriptures that are proof. We cannot reveal the true antichrist until the appointed time and few there be that will accept it even then. Some know, without doubt, who he is but are afraid to expose the Abomination. We the people have been completely seduced by the antichrist’s deceptive groundwork and have swallowed the hook already.

First we have been mislead about the title Anti-Christ.

The word Anti-Christ: The manuscript word used for anti is cc 473-avri’ (ant-tee) meaning- substitution i.e. instead or a replacement, or corresponding. This word does not mean anti or against in most uses. This ant-tee Christ is a "replacement" for the true Christ. He will replace and counterfeit the true Christ in every way so followers will believe he is the true Messiah. His appeal is even greater than the Messiah himself, having no restrictions or qualifications for salvation, instead of the obedient few as Christ stated.

The way this word avri’ is used by the Apostle John, he is not speaking about a politician or ruler. This is a gigantic clue to the identity, but it is not the Pope or Catholic Church either. Sorry.

Scriptural proof Mr. Trump is not the antichrist:
There will be a great and powerful man who will die. People will walk past his grave and say, "Is this the man who shook the earth?" (Isa 14:16)

The antichrist will be bound in chains, so who is the man in the grave? You know who he is! He was great and he is not the AC!

Reply from Watchman Bob: A little confused, but some interesting observations. I agree that Donald Trump will be a powerful leader - a wolf in sheep's clothing - a type of the anti-messiah, but not the ultimate anti-messiah (America-Babylon will be destroyed before the final anti-messiah takes over).

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