EON / Ecclesia Of Natsarim / Both Jew and Gentile believers in the man from Natsarith

by William John Hieatt
(Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand)

Having been a Christian for forty years, when I retired, I realized that I didn't know my Creator's name, or His Son's name. When I prayed fervently to (God) asking Him what His real name was, within two days He provided me with a book which unveiled to me the Tetragrammaton, showing the ancient Hebrew letters of Yahuah's name, with the pronunciation. Then I found that there were many other pronunciations of the Creator's so-called name. So I went back to Yahuah and asked for His confirmation. No reply. After a fortnight of pondering my confusion, He said to me "You asked Me once, and I told you. Why are you asking Me again?" It made me feel very foolish. Then I started to seek His Son's name, and after much study and research, I found Yahushuah ( In Yahuah is Salvation), and as my research continued, I was shown His main name of Yahusha, ( In Yahuah is Deliverance) which appears over 200 times in the Hebrew scriptures. The Holy Spirit of Yahuah has given me understanding of many prophecies concerning these last years of this age. As I attempt to contact other followers of the man from Natsarith ( Messiah), I find myself running into all sorts of doctrinal problems, so have just let the Holy Spirit of Yahuah teach me what He wants me to know. Your page does have many truths which are not widely known, but also lacks some basic truths concerning the relationship of Father Yahuah and Hi Son Yahusha Messiah. If you are interested in having contact concerning these matters, I would appreciate it very much, as I see you have knowledge that I don't have. My email contact is whieatt@clear.net.nz looking forward to your reply.


William Hieatt
Yahuah's servant in waiting

From Watchman Bob:

William, I'm thankful for your diligence in seeking to know the Names of the Most High God and His Son. For thorough research on the sacred Names, may I suggest an excellent website: MyHolyName.com?

If you have further comments, questions or suggestions, you may contact me through the Contact Watchman Bob page of this website.

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