Eyes Still Wide Shut, The Money Changers are the Mystery!

by Alan Fischer
(New York City)

Understand that The US itself is a disguise.

The US Government does not run the US Military or the CIA or NATO. The US Government does not even run the US Government! A US President has No control over national policies or the US Hammer. The US media, schools, colleges, text books, and businesses are completely manipulated to ensure that the US Citizenry does not see the forest thru the trees.

Understanding of the history of and the current situation of World Politics is understanding The World Bank.

The measure of evil is the scale of greed . . . the more greedy the more closely they are allied with Satan, the more giving the more closely with God, it's really that simple.

What you're missing is there is a World Bank Cartel that was started with the Rothschilds of Europe. They are the Zion secret, the Mystery behind the disguise, the Private Entity that controls England, the US and Canada, France, and Germany. They own the Banks of England, France and Germany morphed into the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve. These are not nationally run; this is a privately run entity.

The Money Changers are Satan, and the modern day Money Changers are more powerful then the Nations themselves. It is to them that all nations' debts are owed.

They have access to thousands of billions in capitol and therefore capitalize by buying anyone and anything instantly in a capitalistic system. In the US they own everyone: the markets, governments, the Pentagon, The CIA, Reuters and the media are all on the payroll.

The Scales, the Hammers, and the Crows of the US have now made them Kings of the world.

The Money Changers were the Real Reason for the US revolting from England. Ben Franklin resisted them in the colonies and based our currency on silver instead of the gold standard of the the Rothschilds, and we prospered. They pushed their way in with the First Bank of the US, and Andrew Jackson drove them back out, and we prospered.

Since returning they are responsible for the assassinations of all presidents who challenged them from Lincoln thru Kennedy.

You do know that after Jesus Christ forcefully drove the Money Changers from the temples of Israel, Pilot was paid to have him crucified?

Reply from Watchman Bob

I don't know how accurate this is, for example, how you know that Pilot was paid by the Money Changers to have Yahushua ("Jesus") crucified. But, it's interesting and I have no doubt that Big Money is behind the New World Order which is behind America-Babylon and the soon-coming global kingdom of the the anti-messiah.

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Jul 29, 2019
by: Patrick

The best research and without a doubt the best exposition of Babylon the Great is the United States of America is Babylon the Great is done by my fellow Vietnam Veteran Steve Shearer at Antipas Ministries.
I haven't read or met anyone who has done a better proof or exposition proving with little doubt that the United States is The Babylon the Great.
Bro. Steve is now presently very sick and I personally don't think he will live too much longer.
Nevertheless, I recommend his writings to anyone fascinated with Prophecy.
He lives in Sacramento California and I'm sure his son Jack who presently has the reins of the ministry would enjoy hearing from anyone with commentary or questions on Babylon the Great and the identity of The AntiChrist.
I have been fortunate, in that my US home is in the Rockies at 8000' elevation and quite secluded. Nevertheless, my conviction that is that the US is indeed the Great Babylon spurred me to buy a vineyard and farm in Patagonia, Argentina where my wife and I spend several months of the year.
Nevertheless, it doesn't bring me any joy in identifying my country as Babylon the Great, nevertheless one must be honest and seek instruction in scripture in prophecy.
I would enjoin you to read Steve's synopsis on prophetic Babylon the Great it is by far the best, although at this point there are several brothers who have correctly identified the US as that latter day kingdom.
Kind regards in Christ,
Bro. Patrick

Reply from Watchman Bob: I have read just about all of Steve Shearer's material including the Antipas Papers. In fact, he was one of the two (the other was R.A. Coombes) who the Lord used to open my eyes to America as Babylon the Great. And for years I corresponded with Steve via snail mail and email concerning various issues.

But he finally cut me off because I called him on one issue to which he had no bibical response. His focus is too much on the role of the Church in preaching the social gospel, escaping persecution and survival, and establishing "kingdom" communities in this physical world rather than preparing for the Messianic kingdom to come after this present world is destroyed. In other words, Steve is focused on repairing and surviving and living on this sinking ship rather than on making sure we and as many others as possible are in the lifeboat called Yahushua ("Jesus") before it's too late.

This world and the Messianic Kingdom will be restored only when the Messiah returns in person to do that. Therefore, our focus should be totally on following Him and testifying to His salvation rather than trying to establish His kingdom on earth ourselves. To think we can and should do that when the Word tells us this world and its wicked inhabitants (except those who are raptured out of here or are specially protected by Him) is going to be totally destroyed before He returns to "restore all things" (Acts 3:21) is not only futile but is potentially dangerous and tragic.

For example, you are a fool if you think you can escape the destruction of Babylon the Great simply by leaving America. Yes, you might temporarily escape the physical destruction of the Babylon the Great of Revelation 18, but the spiritual Babylon the Great of Revelation 17 is the whole world. And when the Lord tells his people to come out of Babylon the Great (Revelation 18:4, which is a continuation of Revelation 17), He is speaking of a spiritual exodus, not a physical one. For "what good will it do one to gain the world but lose his soul"? and we should "not fear those who can kill the body but fear Him who can destroy the body and the soul in Hell." The Lord never told His apostles to try to escape or survive physical tribulation, did He? In fact, He led every one of them directly into it (they almost all lost their lives) so that they could minister His grace and salvation to those who were already in tribulation. Shouldn't we have the same mind-set?

If you want to discuss these things further, please contact me through the Contact Watchman Bob page.

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