Fascinating topic; just don't be distracted

by Deee Nunn

No matter what Babylon is, man cannot change it. Do not allow the enemy to distract you, with endless debates, from your purpose of loving your neighbor, doing your part to save some while there is yet time. "Make the most of the opportunity, let your speech always be seasoned, as it were, with salt, so that you know how you should respond to each person." Colossians 4:5,6
Believers in NYC may be led to refer to the Babylon theory, but many parts of the US would write off believers who try that commentary!
Thanks to the author for all your insights.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Your exhortation to love my neighbor before debating him is taken to heart. My whole purpose, though, is not to win a debate but, in love, to expose the identity and destiny of Babylon the Great so that true believers can be warned and "come out of her" (spiritually) before it is too late. I pray that you are not one of those skeptical ones who does not heed the warning and who perishes when America-Babylon perishes (Revelation 18:4).

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Apr 08, 2017
by: Samual Yoder

Before I had no idea what Mystery Babylon the Great was, the mother of harlots.

If someone like the watchman does not post these things and tie the scripture together I guess I'd be wondering who or what the heck it was referring to.

The Spirit works through people to help open eyes toward scripture, or should I say one of the ways the Spirit opens the eyes of people is the reasoning of other people.

It says in the NT Paul reasoned with people a lot, not just preached to them.

Once one knows it is no longer a distraction or debate and they can move on to issues yet unsolved in their minds.

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