He Said He Did Not Come To Bring Peace BUT A Sword

by Samual Yoder
(Greenville, SC)

3 years ago right after my wife's death, Messiah opened my eyes to the truth of Babylon and told me to come out of her. When I tried to tell others of what I found in scripture, the truth, and not what is being told from the pulpits, like you, I got cold shoulders real quick. Disowned by family, shunned by friends. It will indeed cut asunder when you tell the truth of scripture, THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

So just keep true to Messiah, stay the course, run the race to the end, you are promised to be tribulated by the world, expect it, embrace it, you really have no other option unless you want to compromise and give in so you can be a friend of the world. You know what that will get you in the end!

Reply from Watchman Bob:

I'm thankful for the encouragement.

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