Jesus said they are the two olive trees.

by james frugia
(birmingham , Alabama)

Everyone wants to know who the two witnesses are. It's understandable why. Anyone who has read the book of Revelation can see something very big is going on here. It is a book shrouded in mysteries. God is revealing his end game play book in advance for his church. God has put it in our hearts to seek out answers to questions. How much more, a matter of life and death. Let's be clear, knowing who the two witnesses are could save your life. Especially if you wish to entertain any thought to putting your hands on them. Jesus makes it very clear that that would be a very poor decision. It will not be allowed!

So buckle up your seatbelt! I have studied this for years, and my conclusions are somewhat unorthodox, but I submit to you that there is all the evidence in the Word of God that I need to come to this conclusion.

The question is not who are the two witnesses, but who could the two olive trees be? Jesus told us in Rev 11 that they are the two olive trees! His statement just winnowed out all of the casual readers, but to his disciples and Bible students He has just given us the key. If we were following a treasure map, wouldn't it be unwise to disregard one of the clues? Wouldn't it be easy to wind up scratching our heads and wondering why we couldn't find the treasure?

If in reading Rev 11 you come up with the question, "Who are the two witnesses?" and the Lord is kind enough to come straight out and say these are the two olive trees, and the point of the book is to give us end time understanding, does it not make sense that we should find out from the written word what the Lord has to say about the two olive trees? Turn to the book written by the prophet Zechariah, chapter 4. He is given a vision of the two olive trees.

Reply from Watchman Bob: So, who are the two olive trees? Please read the commentary on Chapter 11 to see my take on who the Two Witnesses (olive trees, lampstands) are.

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