My dream

by no name
(Stapleton, AL, USA)

I had a dream about a few years ago that still haunts me to this day. I walked out onto my porch and looked out. I saw fire raining down from the sky like rain. Everything setting ablaze, neighboring houses, trees, and the sky with a red tint color. I ran back in and dropped to my knees and preyed for mercy. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I woke up before my ending. It looked like this :

Meteor Shower

This is what I deserve for my selfishness and sinful ways. Take heed, get good with the lord, change your ways, flee out of the U.S. before it is to late. I been praying for answers of what I should do and found this revelationunderstoodcommentary and realize now what I shall do. Flee from Babylon and give everything I have to whoever needs it but will not listen to the warnings to flee, change who I am and do what I can to serve the Lord. May God have mercy and give many and myself a chance to live and atone for our unruly and unrighteous ways that many know not of what they do.

Reply from Watchman Bob:

I'm glad you see the need to get out of Babylon. But the command (Revelation 18:4) is for the Lord's people to get out spiritually, not physically. Nowhere did Yahushua ("Jesus") tell His disciples to try to escape tribulation physically. He told us that we would suffer persecution and martyrdom in this life, but to not fear what anyone can do to our bodies. He also stated that anyone who tries to save his (physical) life on this earth will lose his (spiritual) life, but the one who loses his (physical) life will save his (eternal) life. (Matthew 10) We should be totally occupied with seeking His heavenly kingdom and glorifying Him, not about what is going to happen to us on this earth.

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