by Jack Groshans
(Owensboro, Kentucky, US)

There is a little fact that has never been mentioned. On the coast off New York City is a little coastal town that was renamed around 1812. The name of this town today, NEW BABYLON, NY. There is reference to this town being renamed, which you can look up. This town is one hour from where the twin towers stood.

Keep in mind that if scripture used the NYC name, nobody would have had a reference point, as John was on an island, writing his revelation. However, BABYLON has always been a reference point throughout scripture. So, is NEW BABYLON, NY, the BABYLON in Revelation? After all, NYC has been attacked many times. NEW BABYLON has been incorporated into the city of NYC.

THIS is something to ponder, REALLY PONDER.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Good comment.

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     Yeshua - the Church
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