other side of the world on current babylon

by Thabiso
(South Africa)

Dear Writer,

In reading your message on the current "Babylon" and how influential that place is, our once beautiful country (South Africa) is now under the cursed hypnosis of "Babylon." The spirit of "Babylon" has, it seems, influenced South Africa for the worse, causing it to obtain 3rd country in the world status in the amount of alcohol consumed, 2nd in the world in house music, all of which leads South Africa to drink from the same cup as "Babylon."

As the love of money and self worship increases, even most churches have turned to the same blunders as those of Babylon - infested with greed, love of money and self indulgence. No REAL TRUTH is been upheld anymore as hellish diversions have come also into our country of SOUTH AFRICA.

The youth all around S.A. have adopted "Hip Hop" music with lyrics the same as lyrics in the songs of the current "Babylon" - full of godly insults, self praise and how little they regard the coming of JESUS the SAVIOUR.

In 1994, when Mandela was elected to the presidency of S.A., he said we shall unite as one with the world, and he led our country toward doom. And now he is about to die.

SOUTH AFRICA the new little "Babylon," also has high influence on other African countries, as it is the "gem stone" of Africa.


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Jul 16, 2016
State sponsored abortion
by: Anonymous

State sponsored abortion.

From Watchman Bob: Yes, sacrificing the lives of the helpless to their gods (themselves).

Sep 01, 2015
South Africa mimicking the practices of Babylon
by: Greg Samuel

The explanations given, together with supporting Scripture, are what convince me.

The influence of Babylon on the vulnerable masses of our country has them even changing their native accent to that of what they watch on television.

The normalization of homosexuality in our country is the last straw. We have become a generation that is not "angry" anymore (at these atrocities against what Almighty God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit hold as sacred - marriage between a man and woman).

Our churches are not preaching the End-times anymore but rather a prosperity gospel. Admittedly I was enveloped by this until I started reading about the Schemitah that's during this month.

I also stumbled onto information about CERN and their quest to find anti-matter (evil spirits). See images of what CERN saw on the other side....Then watch Madonna's music video at the 2015 Grammy Awards and the "masks" the dancers wore, with goat horns.

Our newspapers are not carrying any international information regarding the demise of Babylon...our nation is modeling itself on her... We now have a "gay" judge on a musical talent show....(because America has one....) "As in the days of Noah....

The saddest is that we are part of the BRICS alliance, which cannot do anything but watch Russia assist Iran with nuclear support.

We are in league with the above; as we have now become a nation of lazy/lethargic workers...with a false sense of entitlement. Deception comes to us naturally, justified to ourselves, via past apartheid atrocities and present-day poverty.....We are still holding out our "African-cap-in-hand" to those looking to extort us for our precious resources that God has blessed us with....

Please remember us in your prayers, as those of us seek His face, to live in His commandments and please Him daily. We will continue to cover ourselves in His atoning Blood that was shed for our sins and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to paths of truth and righteousness , for a long as He (Holy-Spirit) tarries with us...

(Said without Prejudice)

Oct 09, 2014
South Africa
by: Anet

Tobiso forgot to mention the daily increase of abortions, homosexuals, immorality, pornography, bloodshed, etc in South Africa.

Aug 05, 2013
Awsome insight
by: Anonymous

Wow you are awesome!

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