Seek First the Kingdom of God and what? He will provide all you need (when the time comes you need it) IF....

Study, read the Word. Learn who God is and the Love He has for you and what He has promised to do for all who accept His Word and follow Him.. Faith comes by the Word. Then the Spirit of God can guide you and teach you what you need to know when the hour comes.

Stick to and follow what the Spirit of God teaches you from the Word, no matter what others say, even so call Christians! Remember Christian means "Christ like", so it is easy to know who people really are. Those who follow the teaching of Jesus belong to Him and He will protect, heal, provide, guide.

The will know them by their deeds or works.

God has only one requirement...Follow Him....There is only ONE God......Jesus-God in the flesh!

Reply from Watchman Bob: Amen!

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