The city of NEOM???

by Don
(Colorado Springs, CO)

It has been a recent announcement to the world by the 32-year-old Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia that he plans to build a massive global center, known as a city-state, and will call it NEOM. This city will unite the world as an international hub for trade and commerce.

This will cost more than $500 Billion, yes a B, as it will be very high tech and will be the size of a small country. It will be built south of Israel along the Gulf of Aqaba. It will include portions of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt to include a 9-mile bridge which will span the Red Sea connecting Saudi Arabia to the Sinai Peninsula.

Could this be the New Babylon????
Just asking

Reply from Watchman Bob: Please read this essay, "Who is Modern Babylon," and answer for yourself, even IF NEOM is built, could it possibly meet all the Scriptural criteria for modern, prophesied Babylon the Great?

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