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Jul 06, 2022
The Dragons flood
by: Anonymous

from others that I've learnt from or heard from on this subject, is the water are words.
He's trying to drown the bride of Christ with his words or accusations. Gangstalkers do this too so they are fulfilling this against those that are of the bride.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Actually, as in many other Bible prophecies, water symbolizes masses of human beings. In this context, it refers to the forces of Satan or his incarnation the false messiah (Antichrist) pursuing Elohim's (God's) people Israel into the wilderness where they will be protected for 3 1/2 years (verse 14). Then, in frustration that Israel is not destroyed, they go after those who "keep the commandments and have the testimony of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)" (Revelation 12:17) (Christians). What happens to those Christians is detailed in chapter 13.

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Common English translations of Hebrew and Messianic terms used in this commentary:

Yehovah - the LORD or GOD
Yah - I Am (the short form         of Yehovah)
Elohim - God
El - God (the short form of         Elohim)
Adonai - my Lord or Master
Yeshua - Jesus
Followers of Yeshua - 
Messiah - Christ
Assembly of Followers of
     Yeshua - the Church
Antimessiah - Antichrist
BBM - Before the Birth of
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     BC or BCE)
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