The little horn in Daniel 7...

by apostle Will
(Los Angeles, CA)

First of all, I couldn't agree more with what you have written here, Bob. This website is a great confirmation to me of insight that I believe that Holy Spirit was showing me a couple of years ago about America being "Babylon the Great". But mine was merely a quick word while reading Revelation, not anywhere close to the in-depth evidence you present--which is breathtaking.

Speaking of quick words from the Holy Spirit, while I was reading this commentary, I got to the line above which says "No nation other than America has had such a unique beginning, overcoming, against all odds, her own parent nation (Great Britain)" and when I read this, I immediately had a vision in my mind's eye of the little horn in Daniel overcoming three other horns of the 4th and final beast...I paused in my reading and prayed for a moment...and realized in that moment...America had to overcome not just the British, but also the French and Spanish empires before all of her land was secure...three...three empires...three horns...just like in Daniel chapter 7.

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Feb 17, 2016
Little Horn
by: Katie

Thanks so much for your response. It was expected, really. I'm praying for insight and direction, yet, I believe that it is going exactly the way Jesus said it would. Painful at times, but I am convinced that He knows what's best....and always knows the outcome. Let not my heart troubled!! 😊

Feb 14, 2016
Little Horn
by: Katie

This was indeed eye opening, and very much on my heart and mind. What are your thoughts today on the potential candidate for president Donald Trump? In English, his first name means "world leader", and his last name means "little horn". Among other things that concern me,this was just odd. Thanks so much for this article!!!

Reply from Watchman Bob

Interesting insight. There are many deceivers and false messiahs (including Barack Obama) today. Trump seems to be one of them. Like Obama, he is a master at switching positions to fit the situation and telling people what they want to hear. As examples, he never claimed to be a Christian before he became a candidate for President, and he was a supporter of Hillary Clinton and abortion rights. I don't trust him.

Apr 11, 2015
Reply to Will
by: Watchman Bob

More and more are having their eyes opened to the reality that America is Babylon. I'm glad to know that you are one of them.

Yours is an interesting perspective, Will, however, it doesn't really seem to line up with Scripture. The little Horn of Daniel is a person - a "king" - not a nation or empire. He is the "beast" (the anti-messiah) of Revelation 13 and 17. And the three "kings" he will overcome are three of the ten, probably supernaturally-empowered, rulers of his global kingdom after modern Babylon the Great is destroyed (see Revelation 17:16-18).

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