The Republic of the United States- End Time Oppressive Babylon in the name of Their 'christ'

by Travis Rodenhizer
(Northern High Plains of the USA / ND)

The Republic of the United States is the end time Babylon, indeed. Very wise discernment!

The rise of 'christian' dominionism in American Politics is a signature that things are moving quickly towards Daniel's 70th week. America today has taken on the spiritual characteristics of Sodom, Egypt, and Babylon because of its confusion about Truth/Error - yet still proclaimed a 'christian' nation based on its Judaeo-Christian heritage (lie).

It is the 'centerpiece' and source of the Future Woman who will Ride the Scarlet Beast; after He that restrains is removed, the 7th king - president who is in power comes to power shortly after that and, along with the Apostate Whore of Rev. 17 (churchianity) will move forward in power, establishing a Global Theocracy in the name of the Sodom-Baal-Babylonian false christ-like 'image' America portrays under the guise of 'One Nation under God' and its 'christian' heritage as a 'nation.' This is false teaching.

This will come on the heels of America, standing by Israel in a Mid-East crisis that is real, but will be brought to a sudden halt by the charismatic peace-treaty-making ability of the 7th king-president in Power at that time - this man from the USA: super charismatic, super humble, having strong dominionism roots, espousing replacement theology, 'christian reconstructionism,' Kingdom Now beliefs in 'American Christianity.'

From this apparent miracle of God comes the strong covenant of peace with Israel, her enemies bowing to her and the USA and the Harlot of Rev. 17 . . . the false church and the man of sin, who is the 7th king president at that time, guiding her.

The world will marvel at this man's charisma, his zeal for the 'lord', his political abilities to get it done. This 'great' miracle of peace, will give America, its Whore , false church, the proxy and mandate to move into Israel, Jerusalem, and begin the adulteration of God's Word and adulterating Israel as it seeks to Glorify her and 'restore' her to Biblical Times. These being under the 'belief' (lie) that they are doing God a service by preparing Israel and society (in 'christ's name') here for the Return of God. Man uses his/her christ-like image as a bench mark, moving out ---->christianizing everything in the name of Christ, using Christ + OT Biblical Law as a preface or benchmark. This move from the USA to a global theocracy, will come with the sanctifying power of pharmakia, the pharmaceutical industry/witchcraft/sorcery as they 'force' many to use behavior modification medicine to conform them to the salt-light-Sodom-Baal-Babylonian image of its 'christ'.

The USA becomes SUPER OPPRESSIVE in its mandate! The USA along with its 'charismatic' dominionist king-president, REPLACE the Message of Christ Crucified and raised again from the dead for justification, with the message of their Babylonian apostate christ-like image - attempting to convert the world to 'christ' - creating heaven on earth before He comes. This comes with dragon power and the delusion sent from Heaven for these to believe the Lie.

Yes, America is end-time Babylon. It takes its Federation Papers, turns them into a Living Document, elevates them above the Word of God or co-equal to it...uses this as the benchmark for its 'image of christ' to prepare a planet/society for a 'jesus' that is submissive to 'man' and answers' to man'.

You see the subtlety of the LIE?

Reply from Watchman Bob:

Interesting scenario containing much truth, albeit somewhat confused.

According to Scripture, America-Babylon will be taken over by the New World Order and Islam rather than by a super Christian-appearing leader and the apostate church. Then, she will be annihilated by fire from heaven before the global kingdom of the "beast" is established. See the commentary on this website on Revelation 17.

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Mar 26, 2016
Apostasy and the man of sin
by: Anonymous

Sorry, Islam bows to the Coming Apostate church and its catalyst, the Man of sin. Daniel 8 describes the rough he goat of the West, USA and its allies, coming against the RAM with 2 horns. Beating it into submission. A National theocracy then a global theocracy built on the apostate Foundation of Christian dominionism forms out of the USA. RAM with 2 horns is Islam and the larger Horn of latter days - radical Islam. Apostate Christianity is the last form of govt.- Church govt on this earth. Global theocracy as MSN attempts to build Heaven on earth thru its false Christ. Time to Repent!

Reply from Watchman Bob:

According to Revelation 17, the apostate church, led by American "Christianity" (mystery Babylon the Great), will be destroyed by fire before the "beast" (the "man of sin") takes over his global kingdom.

So, the man of sin cannot come from or be the leader of the apostate church, can he?

The he-goat of the West is modern-day Turkey and the ram with 2 horns is modern-day Iran. So the man of sin/anti-messiah/beast will probably arise out of Turkey. See footnote 9 on the commentary on Revelation 17 for details.

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