The Role of the United States of America During the Seven Year Tribulation Period

by Paul
(Athens, AL)

I address this topic in chapter 4 from my recent book: "The Tribulation Survival Manual - Book 1"

See the link below:

I do believe that the United States of America will fulfill the prophecy of Mystery Babylon the Great.

Reply from Watchman Bob: I am glad that you agree that the U.S.A. is prophesied Babylon the Great. However, I am dismayed that you are giving believers the false hope that they will survive the "time of great tribulation" (Mat 24:21; Rev 7:14). Rev 13:7 clearly states that the beast ("Antichrist") will overcome the saints during that time. Also, Rev 17:16 clearly states that Babylon the Great will be totally annihilated by fire just before the beast comes to power. The best we can do is to warn believers to prepare to die and be with the Lord rather than giving them false hope of surviving the holocaust to come.

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Common English translations of Hebrew and Messianic terms used in this commentary:

Yehovah - the LORD or GOD
Yah - I Am (the short form         of Yahovah)
Elohim - God
El - God (the short form of         Elohim)
Adonai - my Lord or Master
Yehoshua - Jesus
Yeshua - Jesus (the short
     form of Yahushua)
Followers of Yehoshua - 
Messiah - Christ
Assembly of Followers of
     Yahushua - the Church
Yahudim - Jews
Antimessiah - Antichrist
BBM - Before the Birth of
     the Messiah (rather than
     BC or BCE)
ABM - After the Birth of the      Messiah (rather than AD
    or CE)

For a complete explanation of Hebrew terms used, go to Important Terms and Concepts.