The Subtle Demise of True Christianity

by David
(San Diego)

Good site. Good Commentary. But when I perceive the absolute black and white no-holds-barred-if-you-have-this-sin-in-your-life-you-are-doomed what Peter asked Christ comes to mind: "Lord, who then can be saved"?

We need a savior. We will never be completely free of sin this side of life.

I am relieved that only Jesus is my judge as He knows my heart and He died for my sins.

I do appreciate your commentaries as they help keep me reflecting on who I really am versus what I want be.

I want to be a true disciple of Christ.

I am nothing more than a forgiven sinner.

God's blessings and the Holy Spirit's wisdom on your ministry all for His glory.

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Dec 25, 2014
Reply to David
by: Watchman Bob


I'm thankful for your encouragement, but I am alarmed that you think that I espouse "the absolute black and white no-holds-barred-if-you-have-this-sin-in-your-life-you-are-doomed" doctrine of salvation.

Hopefully, if you have read carefully all the way through this essay, you can see that I do not believe that we are saved by our own righteousness (lack of sin), good works or keeping the commandments, but totally by the grace of Yahuah ("God"). The righteousness (absence of sin) in our lives is the result and evidence of being saved, not the cause of our salvation, and comes only through the sanctification of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Yes, we still sin, but we are not dominated by that sin and that sin no longer condemns us to Hell because, as the apostle Paul stated, "It is no longer I that do [what I don't want to do], but sin that dwells in me" (Romans 7:20).

So, as we reckon ourselves dead to the sin in our lives (Romans 6:2-11) and move more and more toward being holy (sin-free) as He is holy (1 Peter 1:16), we will live increasingly spirit-filled, righteous, holy lives, less and less marred by sin. That's what I am trying to communicate in this essay, not that we are condemned to Hell by the decreasingly frequent sins we commit.

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