Timing of the Rapture

by Don
(Colorado Springs, CO)

We first have several times in His word that tells us that we will not experience His Wrath. In Rev. 6:16-17, when compared with Matt. 24, we see all the stars fall etc. But in the above, we find that this is the beginning of God's Wrath. That is Mid-Trib. I do agree that we are experiencing things that are talked about in the opening of the first four seals. But I think we will be taken up with Jesus after the Antichrist sits on the throne and then God's Wrath begins in the last half.

Reply from Watchman Bob There are a couple of problems with your exegesis: 1) Revelation 6 is an overview of the entire seven years, therefore, the stars fall at the end of the seven years, not at the beginning, 2) You are confusing the wrath of Satan (the "great tribulation"), which occurs during the last 42 months of the seven years, with the wrath of Yahuah not being poured out until the end of the seven years, and 3) the rapture will also occur at the end of the seven years, just before the wrath of the Lord is poured out.

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