The Hidden Truth About America
A Video Series

"Come Out of Her My People"

This three-part video series is based on The Tenth Harbinger, a book that can be downloaded for FREE from this page of this website.

If you have the honesty, humility and courage to face up to the truth about The United States of America's identity, role in world history and soon-coming destiny according to current events in the light of Bible prophecy, you are urged to watch this chilling but eye-opening video series.  Your personal eternal destiny may depend on it.

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The True Spiritual Roots of America

Part 3 - Is American "Christianity" True Christianity?

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Meanwhile, to get the whole story, you are encouraged to download and read the book from this page.

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Current Events in the Light of Bible Prophecy

Face up to reality! Know the true identity and triple destiny of the U.S.A. and know what to do about it. Read
The Tenth Harbinger.

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For a complete explanation of the importance of studying the Revelation from the Hebraic perspective, watch this YouTube video.

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