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     Watchman Bob was born in Texas in 1945. He grew up in a dedicated, Christian, church-going home and attended the main college affiliated with that church. So, he was thoroughly grounded in church doctrine and Bible knowledge.
    However, after graduating from college, while serving in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, Bob began to have doubts about some of the doctrines and practices of the church in which he was raised and began to yearn for a more personal, real relationship with the One he, at that time, called "God." But he would never consider leaving the church, because all of his life he had been taught that it was the only true Christian church and all those who were not members in good standing were lost.
   Remarkably, while in perplexity over these things, Bob received a postcard in the mail, which was an advertisement for a new religious magazine. Bob would normally have trashed mail like that, but felt compelled to subscribe to the magazine. It turned out to be a magazine published by some who had left the church in which Bob was raised! And in about the third issue that he received, there was an article by a man Bob knew who had been a ministerial student at the college they had both attended, but who had left the church and became a minister in another denomination. And in his article, he explained how that the church he had left had the "cart before the horse," so to speak: it emphasized correct doctrine and practice over a personal, spiritual relationship with "God." And, when Bob read that, the lights came on! With that understanding, he was enabled break his life-long ties to that church.
   Then, his quest for True Christianity began. Bob had no doubt about the basics: "Jesus" is "God" incarnate; no one knows the one, true "God" except through Him; and True Christianity is not just a religion but is a dynamic, growing relationship with the Lord. But the question was: which denomination, church, sect, or group of believers best practices True Christianity? There are thousands of churches or church groups out there. Do most of them, with only minor, unimportant differences, have it right? Or are there only a few? To make a long story short, during the next twenty years, Bob went from church to church: Baptist, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, Brethren assemblies, Nazarene, charismatic, Word of Faith. . . . He even visited a Catholic church. He fellowshipped with them, taught in their schools, read their books, studied their doctrines, and studied the doctrines and practices of many other churches and religions. He studied the Scriptures and prayed that the Lord would show him where he could find True Christianity. But there was always something wrong - something missing - in the churches Bob attended and studied. He could not put his finger on it - wrong emphasis, wrong doctrine . . . something.
     Finally, Father Yahuah ("God") spoke to Bob’s heart,

You are looking in the wrong places. You will not find True Christianity in most American churches. They are in bed with the secular world. The emphasis in the churches on fun and games and good food and entertainment is not True Christianity; it is indulging the flesh. Supporting worldly success and comfortable, materialistic life styles is not True Christianity; it is laying up treasures on Earth. Patriotism is not True Christianity; it is capitulating to the secular world. True Christianity is realizing that you are an alien on this planet, just passing through. It is denying yourself, taking up your cross, and following Me. It is just the opposite of the empty form of "Christianity" practiced in America, which consists of giving a tithe of what you have to the church or to those in need, but keeping most of it for yourself.

     Then, Bob learned by experience that the Lord had told him the Truth. When he started to share his convictions about True Christianity and modern Babylon in the small "Christian" farming community where he taught high school and coached, he found that he had opened not just a can of worms, but a pit of snakes. The emotional and spiritual climate turned very cold. Then, immediately after making a short speech at an awards ceremony about how we need to be thanking and glorifying "God" for our accomplishments rather than patting ourselves on the back, he was fired from his job and his 30-year career was down the tubes. And as he continued to share the truths and implications of the Bible, especially the book of Revelation, with friends and family members, virtually none of them responded positively: Most responded with silence; some had negative comments and made it clear that they wanted to hear no more; some coldly cut off further communications and visits with Bob.
   Also, Bob came to the realization that almost the entire Christian Church, although some of its members insist that they are pro-Israel, consider Yahudim ("Jews") at best second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God when the Bible teaches just the opposite - that Gentiles who come to faith in Yahushua (Jesus) are grafted, contrary to their nature, into Yahuah’s original, natural, and eternal olive tree Israel (cf. Romans 11:24), making them “fellow citizens” in the “commonwealth of Israel” (Ephesians 2:12, 19).
  So, after over a year of encountering hostility when attempting to minister Yahuah’s Word concerning True Christianity to “Christians,” plus the awareness of subtle (and often not-so-subtle) anti-Semitism in the Christian Church, the Lord showed Bob that virtually all of “Christian” America is not open to True Christianity - that America is indeed modern, prophetic Babylon - and that he was “casting [his] pearls before swine” in attempting to minister the Truth to most Christians.
    Therefore, being aware of “things which must shortly come to pass” (Revelation 1:1), Bob has dedicated as much time as he can to the study of Bible prophecy and current events; warning others, in and out of the Church (anyone who will listen), of the imminent annihilation of modern Babylon, the "Great Tribulation," and the "Day of the Lord" soon to come; and helping those who have "eyes that see and ears that hear" to be on the winning side - the army of the true Messiah. Through this ministry website he is attempting to facilitate the development of a network of likeminded watchmen who will take the Truth to whoever will listen, before it is too late. If you are interested in learning more about this watchmen's ministry, please visit the Get Involved page of this website
     Revelation Understood! is the result of Watchman Bob's studies and the Scriptural basis of the ministry that the Lord has given him. For a PDF download of this Revelation commentary or to order the book, go to Get the Book.

Thank Yehovah for His Revelation which shows us both "things which are" and "things which must shortly take place!" And pray for those who, refusing to believe Yehovah's Word, will have no knowledge of what is really happening and what is going to soon happen . . . until it comes on them like a thief in the night and is too late for them to do anything about it.

"Come out of her, my people." - Revelation 18:4

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