What a Revelation from Bob!

by James
(South Africa)

Dear Bob

I studied Theology for 7 years and majored in Hebrew, Greek and New Testament.

I read your remarks that the mainstream churches all over the world have been caught in a so-called health and wealth scenario.

Nowhere will you find preachers anymore who preach about a life of self-denial and retreat from the secular world.

Spurgeon, the greatest preacher, said that the Gospel=Jesus, and then Jesus crucified. The churches to whom he wrote do not preach about the blood of Christ, which is the only merit that can save us from our sins and hell. They preach a gospel which people like to hear.

Charismatic preachers preach a need fulfillment gospel. Preachers like Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and John Hagee are filling their pockets with money, and they NEVER ever preach about the CROSS and the fact, like you said, that we are alien to the world.

Thanks also for your great explanation of the Rapture. I was searching and reading for seven years, and I prayed to God for an answer - God has sent his faithful and sincere servant Watchman on my road, and at last I got the answer.

May God bless you abundantly with your family.

Rev James Roodt
South Africa

Reply from Watchman Bob: I'm thankful for your encouraging response, James. Sadly, most of the ones who really understand True Christianity are not from the U.S.A.

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Mar 19, 2015
by: Pierre

As Christians we need to tell the truth by not pulling down ministers without good reason. J Hagee and B Hinn do preach about the cross and the blood of Jesus. Yes apostasy is here, and we are told to expose the unfruitful works of darkness Ephe 5:11.

The only gift that I ask for these days is the gift of discernment, boy we need it like never before. So many false teachers, preachers and prophets it is indeed very difficult to find a true bible believing church.

So now we started our own P&W meeting on a Sat night and we just P&W the lord, preparing ourselves for His coming. Shalom to you all.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Yes, Pierre, we all need discernment in these Last Days - especially the Spirit to discern between true and false teachers, about whom Yahushua ("Jesus") repeatedly warned his disciples. But that doesn't mean that we just naively accept their teachings and their leadership because they talk about the effectiveness of the cross and the blood of the Savior or other Biblical doctrines. We need to be able to see through their salient words to the basic assumptions and real doctrines on which their teachings are based.

Benny Hinn, for example, out of one side of his mouth teaches the cross and the blood of the Savior, as you mention, but, out of the other side of his mouth teaches a version of the Word of Faith heresy which, in a subtle way, denies the all-sufficient sacrifice of our Savior by placing more emphasis on our faith than on His grace. And John Hagee is a pompous liar and thief who has stolen credit for discovering the Blood Moons phenomenon from Mark Biltz, from whom he learned about the Blood Moons in the first place. Also, if you study the teachings of Hagee carefully, you will learn that he denies the deity and the messiahship of Yahushua ("Jesus").

So, yes, we should pray for discernment, but why? Isn't it to "expose the works of darkness" and to avoid being led into the trap of doctrinal error?

Mar 15, 2015
awesome writings
by: larry

As I keep reading your writings they just keep getting better and better, they make bible reading come alive to me like never before, and can see that they are taught to you by Yahuah's Holy Spirit. excellent work ! Hope to meet you some day, before the rapture.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Larry, I'm very thankful for responses like yours. They are a great encouragement - like drinks of fresh, cool water, in this God-forsaken wilderness called Babylon the Great.

Dec 29, 2013
Go ye forth
by: Irene

Oh! How I need Yahushua's courage to share His Gospel fearlessly and consistently.Pray with me.

Oct 01, 2013
Preaching the cross
by: Anonymous

I have watched John Hagee for quite a while and he DOES preach the cross and that the only way is thru accepting the redemption of the spilled blood of Jesus Christ bringing us forgiveness of our sins and making us part of the family of Christ. He makes it very clear that you cannot get to heaven thru your works only thru Jesus and the cross. I have read the Bible through more then once and I do not buy into much that is being preached today by Olsteen and others like him. However some of you go crazily too much the other way.

Sep 27, 2013
Rightfully said
by: Winston

That's well said...I'm not judging no one because I myself am struggling with sin and temptation, but that's exactly what I notice mostly preachers nowadays only care about filling their churches up and pleasing the assembly....

Sep 25, 2013
Thank GOD almighty for this website
by: Anonymous

As correctly said by James: Only by the means of the Blood of Christ are we redeemed from our sins. No more are we sinners; we will all be covered with the Blood of Christ when we stand before the seat of Judgment.

And I thank God who gave a God-fearing pastor to us who feeds us with the Word of God to live a Holy life, denying ourselves, lifting up His cross and following Him daily. My pastor speaks about the blood of the Lamb, about cleansing sins without any fear. I thank the Holy Spirit for the same.

I been reading and hearing the news, and cross checking it with the Word of GOD; His time is near.

We will stand for GOD and spread his gospel and save souls as much as possible.

Let the Grace and Mercy of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with us all in all our ways.

Will keep praying and be watchful.

Your bro in Christ.


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