Yahuah the Father Supreme

by Rusi
(Suva, Fiji Islands)

You said in your commentary that there is no clear distinction between Yahuah the Father and the Son on reference to verse 5-8 (g) but I would beg to differ that chapter four was solely the Son's intro to John of the Yahuah the father as the supreme ruler in heaven before his introduction as the Son in chapter 5.

Also, the introduction of the Father first after the message to the churches in the first three chapters clearly illustrates the importance of the headship of the Father after the door was opened in heaven.

Yahuah the Son who was on earth was liaising on John's behalf to be shown the Son's realm in heaven and his vivid description would be conveyed to the rest of the church; Yahuah the Son wanted to make sure of the supremacy of the Father, initially.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Yes, Yahuah the Son is asserting the "supremacy of the Father" - over His creation, but not over Himself. When He was on earth, He submitted Himself to the Father. But in Heaven, He and the Father are One in every way (cf. John 10:30; 14:9), including power and authority over the creation - to judge it and to pour out Yahuah's wrath on it (cf. Rev 6:16-17). You yourself state in your other commentary that the Father and the Son receive equal worship. And one of the main messages of the Revelation is that the Father and the Son, although they manifest themselves differently, are the same God (cf. Rev 1:8, 11; 21:6; 22:13). Although we cannot, in our limited human reasoning, comprehend how the Father and the Son are the same but different, we must guard against any other conclusion, which could undermine the role and authority of either or both in our hearts and lives.

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