Yeshua placed conceptual Babylon at the very first murder in his Revealing.

by Garbanzo
(Olympia, Wash. USA)

The sky bomb will bring down modern Babylon in one hour and this includes emergency fire response and modern Babylon will be utterly burned with fire when the population is let loose on itself and each other. No nothing anymore. No food, no water, no flush toilets, no transportation as the sky bomb disables one in ten vehicles causing a shutdown with accidents en masse. All buildings without heat, water and electricity will be condemned. No surveillance anymore. And if it is 20 below in Duluth? The immediate transcontinental death toll will go into the billions. The masses of rotting human bodies will upset the ecological balance of the world and will be followed by herds of rats, jackals and other flesh-eating animals, and plagues of diseases that will kill off many more.

Yeshua places conceptual Babylon at the very first murder in his Revealing. Babylon is the head of Nebuchchadenezar's dream and thus the entire image is conceptual Babylon.

Today in Babylon, the population watches psycho-sadistic beheadings and other killings as entertainment. They love their multiple murders and are disappointed when they don't have a frantic 911 to listen to for their further psycho-sadistic entertainment pleasure. They dismember babies in the living womb of our women and girls and loved ones as they sacrifice the babies to the god of their material success and the freedom of their evil life style. The great false religion is here now, and the great falling away was the "conversion" of Constantine and his putting the full weight and power of the Roman Empire behind "Churchianity" which has been persecuting and killing the saints throughout time.

Reply from Watchman Bob:

Interesting description, but doesn't capture the extent to which Babylon the Great (America) will be destroyed by fire from Heaven. Jeremiah 51 plus Revelation 17 and 18 prophesy the total annihilation by fire of all life in modern Babylon.

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