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Jun 22, 2019
by: M.Terblanche (RZA,KZN)

Dear Watchman Bob, I found your website very interesting with all the various comments on all the views about the Rapture. On one comment you wrote: "I just pray that as current events continue to confirm the prophecy that America-Babylon is about to be destroyed, some will respond to the warning and be saved from the coming holocaust." What do you mean by "America to be destroyed" and "coming holocaust"? Who will destroy America and is it the whole of America? What about Mexico and Canada on the south and north of America. What type of holocaust will it be? How can we escape and where can we go to where it will be safe. When will these events take place? Will there be any survivors and will all the Muslims also be wiped out who wants to take America over. What about all the Jews and Christians in America - how will they escape the "coming holocaust" and where will they go if America is "destroyed".
Final question: Why would GOD beat his church first silly and then take them away (rapture).Will the crows come to feed us if we can't buy any food if we don't take the mark of the beast ?. Where will we get water if all the water is dried up or turned into blood.
What will happened to the "blessed hope" that I and all born-again Christians have that Jesus Christ will come to take us out before all these things to come during the tribulation?(Titus 2 v 13).
Thank you and God bless.

Reply from Watchman Bob: I am thankful for your comments and questions. However, they reflect a few misunderstandings. If you will read my commentary on Revelation 18 and my essay Who is Modern Babylon the Great?, you will see that the "coming holocaust" is three-fold - first the takeover of America by the globalists and Muslims, then the total annihilation of America by fire, and finally the total destruction of America by a "great millstone" (probably a commetary impact).

The people of Yahuah ("God") in America will not be exempt from any of the above catastrophes. The pre-tribulation rapture notion is a fantasy; worse than that, it's a doctrine of demons designed by Satan to deceive the believers into not being prepared for what's coming. Yahushua (Jesus) never promised His disciples exemption from physical trials, tribulations, persecutions, and death. The salvation our Heavenly Father promises us is spiritual, not physical. Put your faith in Him to save your soul, not your body, and encourage your loved ones to do the same . . . until The End.

Jul 23, 2016
Not alone
by: Anonymous

I just want to thank you and your comment- 'you are not alone.' Precious, comforting words to hear. I. too, have not found a church I can worship in. Your statement on the state of American churches is true. But we should not be surprised - these are those days and this corruption has been around since ancient times. I have prayed to meet like minded Christians, but even 'Christians' think I've gone overboard. So let me just say thank you. I'll bet you have no idea how comforting it is to know you are out there. Maybe we will meet one day soon when He calls us out of Babylon for a New Song. Jehovah be with you both. My brethren.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Good to get your encouraging reply. Let us keep the faith, by the grace of Yahuah, until The End.

Jul 28, 2015
by: Preston

Dear Watchman Bob:

I was led this morning to Jeremiah 50 and came across this at verse 21:

"Go up against the land of Merathaim, against it, and against the inhabitants of Pekod. Waste and utterly destroy them", says the Lord "And do all that I have commanded you."

It's not clear to whom this directive was being addressed, but I was struck by the word "Merathaim," which means double bitterness and double rebellion. Before I could even ask anything, it was put into my mind that this goes back to the American War of Independence.

The revolution may have seemed good and fair in men's eyes at the time, but it really constituted rebellion against the Word of God.

Romans 13 v 1-2 says, "Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves."

The second rebellion was the serving of false gods and goddesses such as Ishtar under whatever guise they may present themselves.

May God, even at this last hour, have mercy.

Reply from Watchman Bob: I agree. This is my take on the rebellion of America-Babylon also, and why she will be destroyed very soon.

Jul 16, 2015
America IS Babylon!
by: Ariela

"Divine Truths Revealed" by Ariela Solsol Pereira is the complete account of the experience.

In 1967 my spirit was taken up and I received a profound prophetic message for America:

The vast expanse of land before me erupted with mushrooming columns of smoke. As I watched at a distance and before me I observed in disbelief what almost seemed like a scene from a science fiction movie. I could’t believe what was unfolding before my very eyes. There could be nothing to compare it to because nothing quite like this had ever happened before to any other nation on the face of the earth. My inner being trembled at the finality of the judgment engulfing this nation that stood before me. It was an absolute, total and fierce devastation. This nation could never recover from this final, horrific and complete destruction.

"And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth:
Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into
darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great
and terrible day of the Lord." (Joel 2: 32-32)

This would be an ultimate and utter destruction without any hope of ever returning to or rebuilding what had been destroyed as most nations do after a war. I did’t see a sequence of scenes of acts of war but instead one single act that would cause infinitely more destruction in one hour than all the previous wars put together. No one will be expecting this attack and no one will be able to stop it. All nations will see her burning and shudder at the severity of the judgments falling upon her.

As I watched the incredible scene continue to unfold before my eyes I saw that there was an angel standing next to me. I asked this angel if this nation had been properly warned before these incredibly horrific judgments befell them. His answer was that all the prophets of ancient times had seen this same scene and written about it...they had already warned this nation centuries before this would come upon them.

"Flee from the midst of Babylon, and every one save his life!
Do not be cut off in her iniquity, for this is the time of the Lord's
vengeance: He shall recompense her. Babylon was a golden cup
in the Lord's hand, that made all the earth drunk. The nations drank
her wine; therefore the nations are deranged. Babylon has suddenly
fallen and been destroyed." (Jeremiah 51:6-8)

I was overwhelmed with a sense of tremendous urgency that the nation receiving such harsh chastisement should be first warned of her impending judgment and spirit was saddened by the response I received. These prophets of old had seen the same vision of a mystery Babylon or an unknown nation being totally destroyed by means unfamiliar to them. For example, the prophet Joel had seen a scene of sudden devastation of "Blood and fire and pillars of smoke," that would turn the sun into darkness and the moon into blood. Jeremiah 50 and 51 describes an ultimate destruction and desolation to fall of a mystery Babylon. They were not given the specific name of this nation. Isaiah 47 warns us of a proud lady who believes she will be a lady forever and that there is no other nation like her yet she will fall in one hour and in one moment. Almost all the prophets see the destruction of a very powerful nation and yet they only knew that this would occur at an unknown future by means unfamiliar to them. They do give an indication that Israel will be dwelling safely and the captives will have returned to Zion when Babylon is destroyed.

Reply from Watchman Bob: Interesting. I cannot see where your vision contradicts Scripture. We need to be (spiritually) prepared for the soon-coming holocaust to America-Babylon.

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